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Jan 10, 2014

Never made a heavy hitter in awhile. Check it!

Aug 7, 2013

Sorry I’ve been on hiatus. Lately inspired by trap and trill style music so started experimenting a bit. Check out my latest called “Navigator”.

Feb 26, 2013 / 1 note

I know it’s been awhile so I guess I’ll have to come with that good.

Nov 12, 2012 / 3 notes

Hopin’ this track’ll take you to “A Different Place”. Enjoy!

Oct 30, 2012

Getting back on the grind. Check out my latest stitch called “Go On”.

Aug 6, 2012

Here’s a little foot tapper called “One Down”. Vibe to it.

Jun 14, 2012

Throwback Thursday

A little patched up track I made about 3 years ago from a Barry White production sample. Give it a listen.

Jun 7, 2012

Throwback Thursday

A commissioned track I did a couple years ago originally called “The Price”. Enjoy!

Apr 30, 2012

And made this track testing it out. haha

And boom goes the dynamite
Apr 30, 2012

And boom goes the dynamite